Kim Critchfield - Images for the ART of it

About The Artist ...

Kim Critchfield is a photographic artist working in the Magic Valley region of southern Idaho. Kim holds the Master of  Photography degree from Professional Photographers of America, and is only one of three in Southern Idaho to do so.
While in high school he picked up his dad's Polaroid camera and began a love affair that would stretch to the far reaches of his heart and soul.
He studied at The School of Modern Photography to learn the basics of his craft and since then has studied with some of the best photographers in the world.
He is a Professional Photographers of Idaho Fellow and has been awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award. He has been Photographer of the Year for Idaho twice and has been Certified by the Professional Photographers of America.
The Eastman Kodak Company says that "One award is the benchmark for saluting technical execution and visual impact in the photographic arts....The Kodak Gallery Award."
Kim has won 10 of these prestigious awards.
Now 45 years later, he is married to his sweetheart Marla and has two incredible daughters (and sons in law) that inspire him. They tell him that he acts just like an eighteen year old....only in a much older body. Don't even get him started on his incredible grand-kids......

Surrounded by the beauty and culture that is southern Idaho, Kim is still amazed at his love affair with photography.  He truly loves what he does, and it shows.


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